anti-aging myth

Five ways to crack the anti-aging myth

Five ways to crack the anti-aging myth

#Rectify false conception, anti-aging is no longer futile! 

Myth 1: Does it start anti-aging care at the age of 25? 

Usually, skin aging begins to appear between the ages of 25 and 35, and 75% of people do not realize the signs of skin aging until they are about 40 years old. 

Basically, human aging is divided into three stages: 

The first stage: mild aging 25-35 years old 

The second stage: Moderate aging 35-45 years old 

The third stage: Severe aging 45-55 years old 

However, starting anti-aging care at the age of 25 is only a reference age~ Since everyone’s physique and skin type are different, it is still necessary to carry out appropriate targeted care according to individual skin conditions. 

Myth 2: Dry skin causes wrinkles? 

It is undeniable that the skin looks more sunken under the condition of lack of water, and the lines will be relatively obvious. This is due to the small lines (also called dry lines) produced by the dry skin. If it is not maintained and the collagen in the dermis is lost, insufficient muscle support will cause the epidermis to sink and wrinkles will form. The main causes of wrinkles are heredity, hormonal imbalance, lack of facial fat, exposure to sunlight and other factors. In addition to daily moisturizing and maintenance, it is recommended that when choosing anti-aging skin care products, try to choose products containing anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, retinol, and peptides, to achieve the anti-aging effect more effectively. 

Myth 3: The higher the concentration of skin care products, the faster the anti-aging speed? 

When skin care products are applied to the skin, they can generally be divided into two types: adsorption and absorption. We must first understand our skin type and absorption level, and then use it appropriately to achieve the best skin care effect. 

Adsorption: Moisturizing and sunscreen products are active ingredients, they will accumulate in the “adsorption” state of the skin surface layer, and then play a role on the skin surface layer after application. 

Absorption: Anti-aging, whitening and anti-freckle products belong to the “absorption” state. They will transport nutrients to the bottom of the muscle through the stratum corneum, and then they will be effective when absorbed by the skin. Keep in mind that skin care products with excessively high concentrations of ingredients have little effect on the skin’s anti-aging effect. 

The skin’s absorption of skin care products is limited. It still depends on the individual’s skin condition or endurance. Others may not be suitable for their skin if they are suitable, especially some people’s skin is afraid of oil and acidic ingredients. If it means to follow the trend of using products, sometimes anti-aging is not done, but it hurts the skin. 

Myth 4: Is it effective as long as the anti-aging maintenance products are applied? 

Although skin care products are like blessings, “pray and you get blessed”, but you can’t use compact products for wrinkles, so no matter how you use them every day, you will feel that the effect of the product is not good, so choose the right ingredients and product, then follow the method of use and dosage indicated on it, creating a significant effect. 

Myth 5: Taking more collagens will help fight aging? 

Dermatologists said that supplementing collagen by eating pig’s feet, pig skin and chicken feet can achieve the effect of anti-aging. Is this the case? Not at all. On the contrary, there is a fear of eating too much fat and gaining weight, ultimately may even lead to high cholesterol intake. Although powdered collagen contains less fat, it contains mostly protein. If it is not matched with other food, it will cause malnutrition. Nutritional balance of fruits and vegetables, beans, meat, etc. is sufficient, so there is no need to deliberately increase collagen supply. Instead of increasing the risk of obesity and high cholesterol, it is better to maintain a healthy diet, and do a good foundation and anti-aging maintenance. 

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