Why do I need to apply a mask frequently in autumn?

Why do I need to apply a mask frequently in autumn?

① Moisturizing 

In autumn, the climate is dry, the loss of the skin will be accelerated, and the skin is prone to be in a state of dehydration. At this time, applying a mask can help supplement the skin’s moisture needs. 

②Repair the skin 

Applying a facial mask in autumn can help repair damaged skin in summer and help improve skin tanning and aging problems. In addition, the ultraviolet rays are still very strong in autumn, and applying a mask can effectively repair after sun. 

③Improve skin texture 

The autumn film is equivalent to giving the skin an extra layer of protective sebum film, which can help inhibit the evaporation of water inside the skin, and not only help restore the moisture and elasticity of the skin surface, when the skin temperature rises and the metabolism gradually normalizes, the skin inside the skin also becomes old. Waste materials can also be discharged, effectively improving skin texture. 

④Promote skin detoxification 

Applying a facial mask in autumn can help detoxify the skin. In autumn, the temperature is low and skin metabolism slows down. Applying a mask can increase the surface temperature of the skin, expand the pores, and speed up the discharge of oil and dirt in the pores. 

⑤ Delay aging 

Applying a mask in autumn can help delay aging. The rich essence in the mask can replenish the nutrients the skin needs, especially the mask containing hyaluronic acid, collagen, and other ingredients, which can effectively moisturize the skin, smooth wrinkles, and restore skin radiance. 

⑥Enhance skin resistance 

Applying a facial mask in autumn can help improve the skin’s resistance. The mask contains a lot of nutrient essence and moisture to supplement the skin’s nutrition and improve the skin condition, thereby helping to improve the skin’s resistance, so that the skin can better resist external stimuli. 

🔻The best time to apply the mask daily? 

There are two best time periods for applying the mask: 

①9:00-11:00 in the morning 

✔️This period is the running time of the human spleen meridian, and the essence of the mask will be absorbed very well. 

②9:30-11:30 in the evening 

✔️This period is the running time of the human body’s triple focal length, and it is also the best time for the skin to repair and absorb itself! 

🔻The correct way to apply a facial mask in autumn 

①Clean the skin before applying the mask 

Only by thoroughly removing the oily dirt, sebum and aging cutin on the surface of the skin can the skin be truly cleaned, the cell division of the basal layer will become active, and the skin will absorb more nutrients. So before applying the film, you should remove your makeup, wash your face, and exfoliate if necessary. However, exfoliation should not be too frequent, so as not to damage the skin’s natural barrier, basically twice a month is the best, sensitive skin once a month is enough. 

②Apply a layer of essence before applying the mask 

After choosing the right essence according to personal needs and preferences, apply a layer on the face first. This effect is to make the skin and the mask form a vacuum when the mask is applied later, and the mask can be closer to the skin of the face. Preventing skin care products from volatilizing in the air can effectively help skin care products to accelerate their absorption. 

③The mask is as close as possible to the skin 

When applying the mask, it must be close to the skin and try not to have air between the skin and the mask. Then, after adjusting the mask, because the sheet mask contains a lot of maintenance liquid, you can smoothly apply the excess skin care products under the mask on the neck. Not only does it not waste at all, but it also nourishes the skin of the neck. In addition, when applying a sheet mask, lying down can make the mask more conformable! 

④Remove when the mask is half dry 

Generally, the mask is applied for about 15 minutes. Because we apply an extra layer of essence on the face, it takes about 15-20 minutes. After the mask is half-dried, it can be peeled off. Do not wait until it is completely dry before tearing off the mask. First, it will take away the moisture on the face! Just apply a layer of essence before applying the mask to make the mask more nourishing! 

⑤After applying the mask, use skin care products for follow-up maintenance 

After applying the mask, apply lotion to help the skin lock in moisture and nutrients that the skin has just absorbed. 

⑥The mask is best to be applied after bathing 

This is the best time to apply the mask after taking a hot bath, because the pores on the skin are fully opened at this time, and the skin will better absorb the nutrients in the mask, so that the effectiveness of the mask can be brought into full play. Or, before applying the mask, you can wash your face with hot water before applying the mask. The effect is very good. 

🔻Whether to wash after applying the mask? 

[6 things you must know, or your face will be ruined] 

1. Sensitive skin: After applying the mask for 15 minutes, be sure to wash it off. 

2. Oily skin: The sheet mask is better to use after refrigerating. 

3. Dry skin: Make sure to use moisturizing water as a primer before applying the mask 

4. Acne skin: Sleeping mask should not be left overnight. 

5. Aging skin: Anti-aging essence can be used before the mask. 

6. Dehydrated and blemished skin: Use a moisturizing mask 2 to 3 times a week. 

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