Basic daily maintenance for women

Basic daily maintenance for women

Recently, it has been found that many girls have skin troubles. Here is a brief share of basic maintenance for girls:

  1. Make-up remover: In fact, many people now feel that the air is dirty, so they need to remove their makeup every day when they go home. No matter whether they have makeup or not, the skin is not as dirty as you think. It is our own psychological over-imagining, that it feels very dirty. If there is no doctor who specifically advises you to remove makeup, it is recommended not to perform this step to avoid excessive cleaning! Even with makeup, general facial cleansing products can clean the makeup off the face, because the current cleansing products have a strong cleaning power, if you are not wearing heavy makeup, it is not recommended to remove the makeup~
  • Wash your face: When it comes to washing your face, the most important thing is not to over-clean* Don’t over-clean* Don’t over-clean* (It’s very important, so I mention it three times) I just mentioned that the face is actually not as dirty as you think. When you wake up in the morning, it is just fine to wash with water. It is fine to clean some areas that are particularly greasy or sticky (most of them are T-shaped parts). Moreover, it is not recommended to wash your face more than twice a day. People who are prone to oily skin are actually dry inside, which is abnormal! Therefore, the oily skin will be abnormal. Usually, the moisture on the face is not retained at this time. If it is difficult to bear, you can clean the T-shaped area a little at noon. When you get home at night, you can use the cleansing product on the whole face. The T-shaped area is prone to oil, and you can rub it a little bit. Just take it on the dry parts of the cheeks around the eyes.

Again: the face is not as dirty as you think! The water temperature for washing your face is also very important. When the water is splashed on your face and you feel that it is warm, it means that it is too hot for your skin! Warm water will promote the expansion of blood vessels in the skin, which is easy to make your baby skin drier ⊙_⊙So when washing your face, just open the faucet and wash it with cold water!

  • Put on skin care products: There is a very important key to wipe skin care products. Your face must be wet! When taking a bath, it is recommended to wash your face last. Do not worry about putting on clothes after washing. Put on skin care products first. The timing of wiping is within 30 seconds after washing your face. You do not need to dry your face. Make sure your hands are clean. Press lightly on each part of the face for 10-20 seconds. The face will dry longer. The absorption of skin care products requires water as a medium! The simple order is toner>(essence)>emulsion>cream.
  • Toner: There are hundreds of kinds on the market. It is recommended to avoid alcohol-containing, especially dry, sensitive, red and inflamed skin! The volatilization of alcohol will only take away the water on your face and make your skin condition worse. Do not pat the skin after applying the lotion. It will only cause damage to the skin. It is more recommended to gently press on the face to absorb it.
  • Essence: Optional, depending on personal needs, a small amount is enough.
  • Emulsion: It is more recommended to use. The thinner the texture, the higher the fluidity, the worse the moisturizing effect. The purpose of the emulsion is to lock the moisture on the face.
  • Facial cream: Facial cream is needed for cheeks that are prone to dryness on the face. Many people often find it very uncomfortable, but it is because the face was not kept moist during the initial maintenance, so the skin did not absorb it. It feels greasy. If the face is moist at first, it will not be oily after being absorbed by the cream! There are also creams that can be applied a little thicker.

Final reminder for everyone:

1. If the skin condition is in an unstable state, moisturizing is the kingly way. Moisture is an important factor for maintaining the normal physiology of the skin, so when the face is sunburned, the face becomes hot and red due to excessive dryness, inflammation, etc. When the situation exists, moisturize, and do not use products that contain whitening ingredients. Do not use products that contain whitening ingredients. Do not use products that contain whitening ingredients. Whitening products will accelerate the metabolism of the skin and cause damage.

2. Sun protection is also very important. UVA penetration is high. If you just wipe your face, it is recommended to pour a 20-cent coin size on your hand. If your face is very sensitive, it is recommended to ask the doctor about the amount of rubbing and the sun protection factor~

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