Skin care for women: body and face

Skin care for women: body and face

The skin care method is divided into two parts: the body, and the face!


Maintenance method:

1. When taking a bath, wash the areas where melanin is easy to deposit lightly~ And whether it is soap or body soap, basically chemical products, using too much and over-cleaning is bad for the skin! Generally, you do not need to use much when taking a bath (unless it is really very dirty: after camping)! At most, it is used to wash the soles of the feet and the toes.

2. Don’t wear tight pants! The underwear is also made of cotton (breathable), otherwise it is easy to make the skin rough for a long time due to friction~

3. Sun protection! Excessive ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the skin (not just the skin darkening)! Therefore, I wear sunscreen almost every day~

4. Lotion! It is recommended to use Vaseline whitening lotion & deep repair lotion (this one is greasier)! Every day before going to bed, I will rub the whole body~ Then massage + lift my feet by the way! Basically, the ones that are easier to get into the sun (hands & feet) will apply whitening, and other body parts will be applied for deep repair (belly, buttocks, inner thighs).


Good skin should pay attention to three elements ~ sun protection, cleansing, and moisturizing:

1. Wash your face with clean water every morning and “press dry” with a towel.

2. Wipe the essence + moisturizer and put on makeup after applying sunscreen.

3. Regardless of whether it is skin care products or cosmetic ingredients, try to be as simple as possible! Especially because the skin is very sensitive, it is not suitable for products with added spices or alcohol!

4. Keep the type of maintenance as simple as possible, do not over-clean + exfoliate!! Do not use acidic skin care products to irritate the skin after using whitening products~

5. The nose and corners of the mouth are easily overlooked when removing makeup ~ carefully remove them!

6. If you have been out for a whole day, basically the foundation makeup is almost gone (if you use powder foundation), so the doctor recommends that you do not need to clean too much, and you can wash it with a normal facial cleanser~ In many cases, bad skin is not due to lack of maintenance but excessive and wrong cleaning methods!

7. Diet, work and rest are also very important! Do not eat too much spicy food! Also reduce frying~ By the way, sweet drink hurts the skin the most! Do not drink if you can and try to sleep around 11-12 — melatonin will begin to secrete at that time! Do not stay up late (acne builds up easily + dull skin) ~

8. It is unhygienic to touch your face after using your mobile phone, the hair is not washed keep touching the cheeks, the makeup and hairline are not removed, and the bedding not changed frequently. These are all prone to acne!

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