6 types of skin care techniques

6 types of skin care techniques

Why is the same product used by others and the effect is particularly good, but when you use it, you either have your face filled with acne, or your cheeks became red and skinned. Sometimes it is not necessarily a product problem, it may be that we did not “select the right” product according to our skin characteristics.

Understanding skin type is the foundation of skin care.

📍How to judge my skin type?

The face is shiny ➜ oily skin

Feel tight and dry ➜ dry skin

Non-greasy, overall face is smooth and flat, and praised by many ➜ Neutral skin

Cheeks are prone to dryness, itching, stinging, red blood streaks, and redness to mild cold and heat ➜ Sensitive skin

Forehead, nose and chin are often shiny, but cheeks are not ➜ mixed skin

Among them, T zone is especially oily, and V zone is neutral/micro-dry ➜ mixed oil

On the contrary, V zone is super dry, T zone is neutral/little oil ➜ mixed dry

The following are 6 common skin types and their own skin care points.

▪️ Oily skin:

Pay attention to cleaning every day, especially the oil control and cleaning of the T zone. Otherwise, excessive oil secretion will cause blackheads, acne, and other problems resulting in enlarged and loose pores. Skin care products can be selected according to different mixed skin types. T-zone generally recommends refreshing skin care products, but the skin around the eyes and mouth can be maintained and moisturized to avoid fine lines due to dryness. After cleansing, you can use your hands or household equipment with massage, improve the blood circulation of the skin, oily acne skin must pay attention to the repair of the skin and improve the metabolism of the skin.

▪️Dry skin:

Pay attention to moisturizing, maintain the skin’s water and oil balance, and avoid excessive cleansing. After removing makeup and cleaning at night, just wash your face with water in the morning without facial cleanser.

▪️ Sensitive skin:

Sensitive skin must be gentle!

Because sensitive skin is really fragile, don’t eat Amway indiscriminately. If you don’t pay attention, you will have a clogged pore or a small rash. When choosing skin care products, remember to check the ingredients. New products can be tested behind the ears. See if you are allergic; there is also a need to do sunscreen!

▪️Mixed skin:

Generally, oil will appear in the T zone 2 to 4 hours after washing your face, and other parts will be normal.

There are two kinds: mixed dry and mixed oil. Generally, in Asia there are eight or nine of these combination. While mine is mixed dry during summer.

▪️Mixed dry skin

The T zone is oilier and skin conditions are more likely to occur, but the cheeks are prone to fine lines, dryness, and dehydration.

Essence and eye cream should be used early. Generally, age 18 and above can be used, especially the essence. Among so many skin care products, the essence is the worthiest of investment. You can choose the ones suitable for moisturizing, whitening and anti-aging according to your own needs. The essence of yourself.

▪️Mixed oil type

It is relatively rare, but still exist. Make sure to choose a lotion and essence. Those with large pores on the cheeks can choose a lotion that has the effect of constricting pores. Massage the cheeks more often.

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