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Glowing Skin

The Skin Lovers loves your skin regardless of your skin color.

We celebrate equality through our potent formulation that

makes your skin glow with confidence.


After all, if you don’t love your skin, who will?

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Product Focus

The Skin Lovers understand the most effective skincare is one that brings
the best solutions from all cultures. We believe that by combining
both Eastern and Western skincare solutions, we will be able to
enhance, nurture and nourish your skin.

Our products are formulated with a blend of potent ingredients that are popular in the East and West. These ingredients support skin integrity, enhance its appearance and relieve skin conditions.

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Product Concept

Fulfilling The Skin Lover’s promise of gentle and natural ingredients, the Starlight Vital Glow Brightening series contains high concentrations of natural ingredients, which serve to support skin integrity and relieve skin conditions, such as breakouts and blemishes.

With clinically proven effectiveness, the Starlight Vital Glow Brightening series is filled with ingredients purposed to improve pigmentation, unify skin tone, soothe inflammation, as well as fight signs of aging.

The concept is based on 3 key premises: Cleanse, Nourish, Treat

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Cleanse deeply and purify skin.


Improve pigmentation, balance skin tone and boost skin elasticity with vitamins, minerals and collagen.


Soothes inflammation, removes dead skin cells, reduces pore size, fight wrinkles, acne, brightens up acne scars and heals skin pigmentation.


All About Healthy Beauty

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