Insta Style Princess Umbrella

Insta Style Princess Umbrella


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Get yourself an insta worthy princess umbrella!

✔Protect Your Skin From Harmful UV Rays: When the UV index is high, your skin is highly susceptible to sunburns, blisters, and even sun poisoning; Unlike standard umbrellas, this sun umbrella will provide the sun-blocking protection you need.

✔The Perfect On The Go Umbrella: This foldable umbrella is lightweight and handy. You can keep this portable umbrella in your car, bag, or purse, so when the harsh sun is beating down, you’ll be protected no matter where you are.



Floral patterns appear in contact with water:

Size: 21 inch
Material: Black PVC (UV)
Color: Mint Green, Lavender Purple, Bright Blue, Hot Pink
Weight: 269g+-/pc

Additional information

Weight 0.269 kg
Dimensions N/A

Lavender Purple, Hot Pink, Bright Blue, Mint Green


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